Tony Romo Ain't Getting His Job Back

Ryan Glasspiegel

Getting the obligatory QB Wins Are Not a Stat out of the way, Dak Prescott has led the Cowboys to a 3-1 record in the first quarter of the season. He’s yet to throw an interception. Today, down two touchdowns on the road against the 49ers, he exhibited poise and general competence in a come-from-behind victory.

This situation is unfortunate for Tony Romo, who by all accounts is a very nice and genuine human being and does not deserve to lose his job due to injury. But, Prescott has seized his opportunity and the Cowboys would be crazy not to stick with him at this point.

Less than two weeks ago, Jerry Jones was saying that it’s “Tony’s team,” but this would hardly be the first time in league history that sentiments like that changed with the times. Putting aside whether he would even be as effective as Prescott has been so far this year, Romo is 36 years old. He played only 4 games last year, and did not make it out of the preseason healthy. He is past the point where he can stay healthy enough to provide continuity.

In the last three games, all Dallas wins, Prescott has completed nearly 75% of his passes. Everyone you read or watch or listen to that is plugged into the team gushes about his preparedness. When Troy Aikman brings up things like — this is a paraphrase — “The offensive linemen love his leadership on the field and command of the huddle,” the subtext is that the starting quarterback job is his for the foreseeable future.

Right now, it’s very difficult to envision any other scenario.