Tony Romo Accidentally Calls Taylor Swift Travis Kelce's Wife

Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs sleep-walked through the first quarter of their much-anticipated game against the Buffalo Bills. They trailed 14-0 about 20 minutes in when Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce connected on a huge play to convert a 3rd-and-18. It was the type of play that required a replay, analysis and, of course, a cutaway to Kelce's girlfriend — recording artist Taylor Swift — who is once again in attendance at Arrowhead Stadium.

CBS lead analyst Tony Romo marveled over the throw so much that it may have distracted him and caused him to identify Swift as Kelce's "wife." Which is both very funny and harmless but will probably set off a hellacious discourse among the Swifites for, like, several weeks even though he realized the mistake right away.

Ever the pro, Romo's partner Jim Nantz followed up the comment by joking about Romo knowing something the rest of us don't. And as far as anyone knows, these two lovebirds are simply enjoying dating in front of the entire world and have not been secretly wed. Someone casually mentioning it while breaking down scramble drill would be the funniest way for this monumental news to break, of course. Second maybe to Dean Blandino throwing it in from the studio in Los Angeles after a prolonged discussion over an borderline fumble/incomplete pass call.