Tony Pollard Found Out Dan Quinn Left the Cowboys a Week Later on the 'Pat McAfee Show'

Tony Pollard
Tony Pollard /

Last Thursday the Washington Commanders announced they hired Dan Quinn as their head coach, a move that preceded an avalanche of leaks about how mad they were that Ben Johnson left them hanging. So to say they "got their guy" probably isn't entirely accurate. But Quinn seems competent enough and his hire comes with the added benefit of robbing a divisional rival of their defensive coordinator.

That may not be as impactful as we'd imagine based on today's episode of the Pat McAfee Show, though. Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard was invited onto the program at Radio Row in Las Vegas ahead of Super Bowl LVIII and the crew asked him about his old coach's new gig. Pollard then revealed that he had no idea Quinn left the team until that moment.

That seems impossible to us normal people because, even if our workplaces don't have hirings and firings blasted all over social media, there's at least some communication about it. Even if it's just an email. Apparently the Cowboys do not send out a mass email announcing the departure of one of their top managers, as it were. Or maybe Pollard doesn't look at his work email like his social media, which would be fair. And it's not like it's his side of the ball or anything.

Pollard is hitting free agency this offseason so maybe that's why he's so tapped out of Cowboys news. Perhaps they take players off the email lists once the season ends if their contract is expiring. Still, what a moment for McAfee to break the news of a coordinator leaving to a player on his own team a week later. Unlikely they'll be able to replicate that trick again.