Tony Parker Takes A Harsh Shot at Kawhi Leonard


Tension has been brewing for at least nine months between Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs organization, but now it appears at least one of Leonard’s teammates no longer has his back.

Tony Parker, when speaking to the San Antonio Express-News, took a not-so-inconsequential shot at his teammate who was supposed to have returned by now.

What Parker is really trying to say by “hundred times worse,” is that Leonard’s injury is not that bad. You don’t add the “100 times” then the “same kind of injury” twice if you are not trying to make a loud point. Point made.

Parker also made sure to make it clear he NEVER considered getting a second opinion because he trusts the Spurs’ medical staff. Why is this significant? Leonard has been medically cleared but is instead seeking his own second opinion.

Paker feels that the Spurs have “the best medical team in the world” which, again, should be read in conjunction with what he really thinks of Leonard’s decision. According to reports, Leonard is trustinghis medical team over the team’s advice.

The first time Leonard’s injury really was brought into question is when coach Gregg Popovich oddly compared it to Parker’s injury, and like Parker, discussed the severity of it:

"“What’s really strange is that Tony Parker has the same injury, but even worse,”"

In the same report, back in January, it was stated there is now a “chilling effect” between Leonard and the team.

Parker’s public shots at Leonard are now a good indication of just how the Spurs’ players-only meeting went with the goal to “implore” Leonard, ironically enough led by … Tony Parker (Spurs deny the reason for the meeting).

There has been, and now is, real evidence to believe that Leonard will not be a Spur for too many more years.