Toni Kroos Free Kick Goal Saves Germany's World Cup Hopes in Injury Time


Don’t ever count out Germany. The Germans have never failed to advance out of a group stage at the 2018 World Cup, but they looked to be at severe risk when Sweden went up a goal in the first half. Germany tied it up early in the second half, but were still in dire straits and would have been trailing Sweden (4 points) and Mexico (6 points) with a draw.

German pressure late was relentless, and even after going down a man after Jerome Boateng got a second yellow, they generated numerous chances. But each one went painfully by.

Then, Toni Kroos got this free kick chance at the literal death in the 5th minute of injury time, and it was a thing of beauty.

Now, Mexico and Sweden must meet. Germany gets winless South Korea. A German win likely puts them through, and definitely if they win by multiple goals. Meanwhile, it’s possible that there could be a three-way tie at 2-1, which would then come down to goal differential and goals scored. Mexico has not clinched advancement and could still be out with a loss to Sweden and a Germany win.