Old Footage of Tommy Tuberville Falling Off Plane Surfaces

Tommy Tuberville
Tommy Tuberville /

Tommy Tuberville is not in the good graces of many politicians on either side of the aisle due to his refusal to lift his block on military promotions, an ongoing crusade by the Alabama senator that has been going on for months now. This has become an especially relevant talking point in the wake of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

All that is to try to explain why someone would dig up an old video of Tuberville absolutely eating it down the stairs of a private jet from nine years ago.

The onus appears to be from X user Jason Cooper, who quote-tweeted an old quote of Tuberville's in which the senator said he's constantly afraid President Joe Biden is going to fall down. Cooper posted video of Tuberville falling down a set of stairs while descending from a private airplane back in 2014. The real kicker was that Tuberville was taking that jet to go play in the Military Bowl.

Tuberville was the head coach of Cincinnati at the time and, as noted, lost in the 2014 Military Bowl. However, his team played Virginia Tech, not UVA. It wasn't that close, either; VT beat Cincy, 33-17.