Tommy Tuberville Worried About Wokeness and Poetry in the Navy


Tommy Tuberville, the former college football coach, is currently holding up military promotions that are putting our nation's security at risk. Earlier this week Pentagon Secretary Brigadier General Pat Ryder, explained what Tuberville was doing to the military using a football metaphor. Via Mediaite:

"I would say imagine going into the football season with a bunch of acting coaches for each of our teams with a regulation that limits any of those acting coaches from presuming that he or she was actually going to officially lead the team. And those acting coaches who come up through the organization are now responsible for not only being the offensive and defensive coordinators, but also acting as the head coach. And so in the short term, they’re likely going to make things happen because that’s what good leaders do. But what happens when performance on the field becomes impacted over time? How are you going to deal with the uncertainty of, within the coaching staff and the locker room in terms of who’s in charge, how are we going to affect performance, and then who are the fans going to hold accountable."

With the Pentagon publicly pushing back against Tuberville's blockade, the Alabama Senator went to Fox News to better explain his side of the story and expressed concern about poetry on Naval ships.

"There’s no second place in war. OK? We have to have the best and right now we are so woke in the military, we’re losing recruits right and left. Secretary [Carlos] Del Toro of the NAVY, he needs to get to building ships. He needs to get to recruiting and he needs to get wokeness out of our NAVY. We’ve got people doing poems on aircraft carriers over the loud speaker. It is absolutely insane the direction that we are headed in our military. And we’re headed downhill, not uphill."

There are many great rebuttals of this Tuberville quote, but in my opinion the most effective one is pointing out the United States of America's national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, is literally a poem that was written on a boat.