Tommy Pham and Ha-Seong Kim Involved in Scary Outfield Collision

Ryan Phillips
Tommy Pham and Ha-Seong Kim collide in the outfield.
Tommy Pham and Ha-Seong Kim collide in the outfield. /

The San Diego Padres saw two players leave Wednesday's game against the Chicago Cubs after a scary outfield collision. Left fielder Tommy Pham and shortstop Ha-Seong Kim banged heads going for a popup into short left field.

In the bottom of the fourth with one out and the bases loaded, Cubs catcher P.J. Higgins popped a ball into shallow left. Kim raced out as Pham raced in and neither slowed up until they ran into each others.

Here's video of the incident:

A closer look:

The aftermath:

That's ugly. Both players were down for a while. Kim had to be helped off the field, while Pham walked off under his own power, but was furious. Pham has been involved in two near-collisions recently with teammate Jorge Mateo, and -- according to several people in attendance -- he was calling Kim off as he ran in. When he got to the dugout he exploded and had to be escorted to the clubhouse. Here's another look:

The crazy part of the play is that the Cubs believed the ball was caught. The bases were loaded and they tagged up instead of advancing. The Padres wound up getting a double play on it and no runs scored preserving a 1-1 score.

Hopefully both guys are OK. They both left the game and we don't have an update on their conditions yet.