Tommy Lasorda and Ice Cube Because It's Tommy Lasorda and Ice Cube

By Tim Ryan

The last time we saw Tommy Lasorda, the lovable bundle of joy was taking a snooze during a day game at Dodger Stadium. The last time we saw Ice Cube, he was dissing Dwight Howard at a concert with thoughtful lines like “we don’t give a f**k about a Dwight Coward.” Safe to say, these two gentlemen are at different stages in life, but sports tend to bring people together. In this case, it was Dodger baseball. The best part was Lasorda’s tweet:

Ice Cube told me it was a good day. I told him, “Everyday at Blue Heaven on Earth is a great day.”

Tommy Lasorda is a national treasure.

Sidenote: Jesus, how short is Ice Cube? Since Lasorda is roughly the size of Wicket, we’re guessing Cube is 5’1.

UPDATE: Lasorda is 5’10! Carry on.

[via Tommy Lasorda]

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