Tom Thibodeau Coaches With the Passion of a Thousand Suns and NBA Teams Can't Handle That Heat For Long

New York Knicks v Golden State Warriors
New York Knicks v Golden State Warriors / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

Tom Thibodeau's time in New York is just about over. The New York Knicks just lost their third consecutive game and they have dropped out of the play-in tournament into the lottery. It is a remarkable turnaround, unless you consider every Tom Thibodeau team has done this eventually. In New York he's just on an accelerated timeline for the team's complete burnout.

Thibs' time as a head coach started in spectular fashion as he took a .500 Chicago Bulls team and turned them into a 62-win juggernaut that went to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2011. The Bulls never came close to matching that success again as Derrick Rose got hurt and Thibs ran Luol Deng and Jimmy Butler into the ground.

After Chicago fired him, Thibodeau went to Minnesota where he led the Timberwolves to their best season since the Kevin Garnett era. A year later he was fired and Butler forced his way out.

Again, Thibs joined a new franchise and quickly turned things around. New York was alive and relevant and bing bong and all that b.s. And now, in record time, it's over. Their most famous fans are back to being depressed and yelling about boycotts.

I want to compare Thibs to Pete Davidson or Taylor Swift because everyone wants to be with them, but if either of them left relationships the way that Thibs leaves NBA franchises they'd have both had their houses burned down by now. Thibs is more like the bad breaker-upper from Seinfeld. And it takes years to get over him. The Bulls are just recovering. The Timberwolves are finally clawing their way back into the playoffs. The Knicks may never recover.

Thibs should just go from one team to another. Every year. Never staying anywhere longer than a season. He can turn things around, but the franchise 180-turns into a 360 so quickly that no team has been able to get off the ride in time. Thibs should have his own reality show on NBATV modeled after Bar Rescue or Hell's Kitchen. He shows up. He identifies what's wrong, pushes out the bad staff members and leans heavily on the good ones then right as they have an excellent opening night in the postseason he gives everyone a hug and heads off to renovate someone else's locker room.

He's not meant to be tied down. Only a fool will try. But you know it's just a matter of time.