MSU Coach Tom Izzo Has Actually Not Been Retweeting Clips Purportedly Showing Chris Russo's Flatulence

Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

We all learned from Office Space that more than one person can have a name and it can be tough for the lesser known Michael Bolton. It can also lead to confusion, like it did yesterday when Chris "Mad Dog Russo" responded to a @Funhouse tweet suggesting the legendary radio host had broken wind on a show earlier this week.

Russo had denied any type of rogue flatulence on his MLB Network High Heat platform and continued to clarify the situation after a loyal caller phoned in to defend his honor. The allegation continued to get milage, though, prompting Russo to give the account credit for a job well done and a second denial insisting it was a mere blowing of a nose.

One of the people to give the story life was Tom Izzo, a content wizard over at WFAN, who happens to share a name with a certain Midwest-based Hall of Fame basketball coach. So one can understand the confusion. But it doesn't make it any less funny.

Classic Mad Dog. Locked and loaded with information that the Spartans are getting hot and up-front and honest that he doesn't want to do anything that might jeopardize his son's future coaching prospects. Admirable stuff.

Of course, the Tom Izzo who resides in East Lansing has the exact approach to Twitter you'd expect from a 66-year-old guy from the old-school to have. And it's to not be on it. And to certainly not be spreading information — correct or otherwise — about Russo's gas tank.