Tom Herman's Wife Says LSU Fans Bombarded Him With Phone Calls


Fallout from the lack of air conditioning in the visitor’s locker room on the night LSU thumped Texas remains a thing. Nothing brings out the interest like gamesmanship blowing up in the instigator’s face. Anyone with even a light understanding of college football would know, though, that it’s usually both sides trying to tango their way into a competitive advantage by any means necessary.

Michelle Herman, wife of Longhorns coach Tom Herman, shared a video of a call she received last week before the big game, purportedly from an LSU fan. She said she answered it in Spanish to throw the caller off and the response is about what you’d expect from someone with a Twitter handle @Patriot2039392029202.

Leaking various phone numbers from the opposing team is a tradition as old as message boards. It’s unclear who on the “LSU side” would have done this, but probably not coach Ed Orgeron. He seems like the type of guy who would dial up expecting a switchboard and a helpful operator named Sarah.

Tigers fans also reportedly acquired the digits of Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger and blew him up.

On the Paul Finebaum Show, Maria Taylor said: “So he’s got like 600-something text messages on his phone from LSU fans, and he’s getting calls nonstop, but he’s dealing with it, like—these are the games that he came to Texas to play for.”

Herman has changed his number, per his wife. Ehlinger likely has as well. Or he’s still fielding taunting calls.

The passion people have for amateur athletics is equal parts impressive and confounding.

UPDATE: The fun continues.