Tom Herman Mocked Missouri's Quarterback After Winning Texas Bowl


Tom Herman and his Texas Longhorns beat Missouri 33-16 in the Texas Bowl Wednesday night and the young coach mocked Mizzou’s quarterback after securing the win.

Missouri’s Drew Lock did the following celebration after throwing a 79-yard touchdown during the third quarter:

Apparently the celebration is Lock “securing the bag.” Whatever that means.

Well, after Texas cinched up the win, Herman did the following on the sidelines:

Really, Tom? Hey, uh, how about you act like you’ve been there before boss? Although, to be fair, Texas hadn’t won a bowl game since 2012 and hadn’t finished with a winning record since 2013, so maybe this was appropriate.

But seriously, Herman is a 42-year-old member of Mensa and celebrated like a frat boy after going 7-6 and winning a bowl game I didn’t even know existed. Oh, and lets not forget, it was a game in which his team’s punter was named MVP. Tom, maybe just calmly walk out and shake the opposing coach’s hand instead of rubbing in a meaningless win in a completely inconsequential game?

Texas fans are all over Twitter claiming Missouri’s players were doing the “Horns down” sign all week, so Herman mocking an opposing player was totally fair game. What is it with you guys and the “Horns down” thing? Who cares? If you do a stupid hand gesture, opponents and opposing fans are going to mock it. Are we all supposed to honor the two fingers you put up at all times like it’s something sacred?

Look, I’d be fine with one of the Texas players mocking Lock’s celebration, that’d be understandable. But Herman is making more than $5 million a year and is the head coach at one of college football’s glamour programs. Mocking an opposing player is an absolutely ridiculous thing for an adult to do.

Apparently all that money couldn’t buy Herman any class.