Tom Herman Is The Biggest Jackass In College Football

Ryan Phillips

Tom Herman has rapidly become the biggest jackass in college football. In his latest act of stupidity, Texas’ head football coach was upset West Virginia’s Will Grier celebrated after scoring the game-winning two-point conversion against the Longhorns on Saturday.

In his postgame press conference, Herman whined that Grier’s score was allowed to count after Grier pointed the ball across the goal line on the play. Since, you know, apparently he thinks that’s taunting:

Grier and his teammates were flagged for their celebration after he scored, but he wasn’t penalized before he crossed the goal line because that would have been absurd.

Here’s video of the play:

There’s zero chance that’s taunting or unsportsmanlike conduct and Herman complaining about it is extremely petty and stupid. In other words, it’s completely on-brand.

Just a week ago, Herman tried to fight Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy in the waning seconds of their game. Gundy’s sin? Trying to break up a fight and pull his own players away when his team was just trying to kneel out the victory.

It’s pretty rich for Herman to complain about anyone taunting or celebrating, when he mocked Missouri quarterback Drew Lock on the sidelines of the Texas Bowl last year:

Hey Tom? Grow up. You’re supposed to be the adult in the room, not encouraging your team to look like morons. He’s also a guy who calls into radio shows to complain about reporting while trying to escape with half-truths, and one former player this summer asked for Herman to keep his name out of his mouth.

Oh, and also? Work on your sledgehammering skills:

An asthmatic toddler could have done more damage to that locker than Herman did.