Tom Brady Traveled Back in a Time Machine to Play Drums for the B-52's


Man, do I love random Reddit comments sometimes. Sure, you have the occasional lone wolf wondering why teams don’t draft kickers in the first round or asking some inane questions. But then someone–like in r/patriots–wonders why Tom Brady is appearing in an old B-52’s video.

This of course, took me down a rabbit hole of reminiscing about the B-52s. The drummer, Keith Strickland, does not bear a great resemblance to Tom Brady. But for a brief moment in time, in 1980, it sure looks like Tom Brady was playing drums for the B-52s. (fast forward to about 2:45 in the “Give Me Back My Man” video.)

My working theory–and this is like one of the more believable Patriots’ conspiracy theories out there–is that Tom Brady did in fact travel back in time to pose as the B-52s drummer, in a kind of Patriots: Days of Futures Past situation. I’m not exactly sure what the B-52s’ tie was to changing the course of history and setting up the Patriots’ eventual success, but I’m sure it had something to do with setting the wheels in motion that ultimately led us to the Tuck Rule.

Want further proof that Brady was traveling back in time?








Whatever Brady’s ties were to the Private Idaho/Wild Planet days, I’ll be sure to investigate and get back to you. Expect that follow-up sometime before Ted Wells’ report on Deflate-gate.