Tom Brady's Powerful Lawyer Might Get His Suspension Completely Lifted


Surely there was a groan from the NFL office when it was announced that Tom Brady had retained power-lawyer Jeffrey Kessler to fight his terrible four-game suspension handed down for his role in DeflateGate.

Who is Jeffrey Kessler?

Well, he’s only the man chiefly responsible for NFL free agency, no big deal.

He’s pro-players, given his history helping the NFLPA, NBAPA, and expect him to destroy the hole-filled Wells report.

Kessler is so powerful, here’s what ESPN’s Adam Schefter said someone texted him Tuesday:

"“I got a text today, it came from somebody who is connected in some way to the story. It says, ‘Brady’s (legal) team is unreal.’ I asked in what sense, (they replied), ‘talented, big-name lawyers. Yee, Kessler, etc. Prediction = won’t miss a game.”"

How good is Kessler? After Latrell Sprewell of the Knicks choked and punched his coach, PJ Carlesimo, the Golden State Warriors voided the final three years of his contract ($23.7 million) and the NBA suspended him for a year (December 1, 1997 to December 1, 1998).

Kessler took his case and got the voided contract overturned, and the suspension went from 82 games to 68.

No Vegas odds yet on whether or not Brady will play in the season-opener against Pittsburgh, but let’s just say if you took Pittsburgh +6 before the suspension, Jeff Kessler could ruin all of that.

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