Tom Brady Addresses Retirement Rumors in Very Cranky Manner

Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Tom Brady's season ended eight days ago. Last year, it took less time than that for Adam Schefter to sniff out that Brady was going to retire. So far, it's been all quiet on the retirement front. It feels unlikely we'll get any rumors about it, either, because Brady was clearly pissed off that his big announcement leaked last year. There will be no insider scoop this time around. It is very much in question if there will be anything to scoop at all because Brady has proven to himself and us all that he cannot walk away all that easily.

Of course, that will not hinder the sports take industrial complex and the hours of discussion that will be dedicated to whether or not Brady will retire. It does not sound like he's taking all that super well. On his podcast with Jim Gray Brady addressed the retirement rumors directly and in a rather cranky manner.

Based on the above timeline for Brady's last retirement carousel it actually comes across as true that he would've done something by this point if he knew what he wanted to do. Still, a little prickly there! It's not like Brady has had a lot of media appearances since the Wild Card loss so it makes one wonder who's badgering him for an answer so aggressively that it led to this reaction.

We'll find out in the next month what Brady will do. He needs to let the appropriate people know so they can adequately prepare for free agency, whether it be the Bucs or some other shiny new destination the QB has his eyes on. It won't be a six-month, Aaron Rodgers-esque saga. The clock is ticking.