Kyle Brandt Wonders Why Tom Brady Hates Nick Foles

Tom Brady and Nick Foles.
Tom Brady and Nick Foles. / Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

NFL Network reporter Kyle Brandt joined a growing chorus of people wondering if Tom Brady hates Nick Foles. The reasoning stems from Brady's decision to run off the field without shaking Foles' hand after the Bucs lost to the Bears in Week 5, but then joyfully embracing Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers after the Bucs beat Green Bay in Week 6.

Brandt starts his segment by saying he thinks Brady might actually hate Foles because not only did Brady snub him this season, but he also didn't shake Foles' hand after the Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Brady has shaken hands with every other quarterback the Bucs have faced this year except Foles.

As you can see in the cover photo of this story, Brady did shake Foles' hand at one point and he looks quite happy to be doing so. But that was in preseason 2016 before Foles beat Brady's Pats in the Super Bowl. Did something change since then? Is there animosity over the loss? Or did something else happen to make Brady snub Foles multiple times when he doesn't snub other quarterbacks?

As Brandt points out, it is a bad look for Brady either way. Quarterbacks always shake hands after the games. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. It's simply good sportsmanship to shake hands and then quickly go your separate ways.

Does it mean Brady hates Foles because he hasn't shaken his hand the last two chances he got to do so? No. Only Tom Brady knows what he really thinks about Nick Foles. But until Brady addresses this situation, he'll hear about it from conspiracy theorists dressed up like NFL reporters.