Tom Brady on Old Friend Mike Vrabel: 'Obviously I Don't Like Him'

Tom Brady and Mike Vrabel
Tom Brady and Mike Vrabel / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Tom Brady and Mike Vrabel played together for eight years, winning three Super Bowls with the New England Patriots. Vrabel retired in 2011 and in 2018 was hired as head coach of the Tennessee Titans. Brady, as we all know very well, is still on the field winning championships.

From everything we the public have been allowed to see, Brady and Vrabel are good friends. This is why Brady took the opportunity to absolutely bash Vrabel in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers behind-the-scenes video during the joint practices the team held with the Tennessee Titans (8:12 mark below).

Brady on Vrabel: "Mike's kind of an asshole if you get to know him. He went to Ohio State. Obviously I don't like him. There's a healthy competition between us, even though he's kind of fat and out of shape now. Physically, he's really declined to a really sad state."

This clip is promptly followed by one of Vrabel giving a speech to both the Titans and Buccaneers, congratulating Tampa Bay's defense on carrying Brady to another Super Bowl. We have to assume this all derives from the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry, one of the few left in sports in which fans on both sides despise each other with a deep, heartfelt passion.

This is hilarious and of course in good fun but imagine what life would be like if Brady was like this all the time? If he'd been around for the last two decades making fun of Peyton Manning's forehead and trading jabs with Rex Ryan and actively hating Eli Manning?

Alas. We'll have to settle for his propensity to take shots at his former teammate whenever he can fit them in.