Tom Brady Has His Own Super Mature Silent Protest Going This Season


Tom Brady has apparently removed the NFL emblem from his helmet. Someone pointed out to Pro Football Talk that Brady hasn’t had the NFL shield on his helmet during his two preseason appearances. PFT even suggests that maybe that’s what Brady was doing when he cut himself with scissors right before a game. I have to say, I love that theory.

It’s really beautiful if you think about it. If Brady had hurt himself trying to remove a sticker right before a game, that totally seems like something that would piss off Belichick enough to send him home for a couple days. It’s also embarrassing because it’s so incredibly stupid so they would never admit it to the press. Let’s just assume that is exactly what happened.

Anyway, on the left is a picture of Brady’s helmet with the sticker during the AFC Championship loss to the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos. On the right is a picture of the helmet without the NFL symbol. And below that is a picture of Tom Brady playing in the first four games of the season.