Tom Brady Got Under Armour Stock in 2010 Sponsorship Deal. It's Up Almost 800%.

Ryan Glasspiegel

In case you needed more evidence that Tom Brady has it pretty good — beyond the supermodel wife, four Super Bowl rings, and courtroom victory  — part of his Under Armour sponsorship deal in 2010 included equity. Here’s a chart of how that’s gone since the deal was announced:

There are no disclosures that I can find of how much Brady’s stock was worth at the time he signed the deal. It’s also possible that he’s sold some or all of it in the interim. Furthermore, the gains may not be SO significant when accounting that last year it was estimated that Gisele makes $47 million while Tom Brady brought in $31 million.

In any event, this was a sponsorship deal where it was wise in retrospect for Brady to take the stock.

[H/T Drew Unga]