Tom Brady is a FaceTime Person

Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Tom Brady is once again in the NFL's version of the final four. That means plenty of deep-dive articles about him and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates. Such an article was published by ESPN today about Brady's center, Ryan Jensen, who gained a bit of notoriety in the Bucs' divisional game for his enthusiastic blocking through the whistle against the New Orleans Saints.

Yet again, there was mention of Brady and his preferred method of dealing with his center's butt sweat. Strange reoccurring storyline for a future Hall of Famer, but here we are. Anyway, it was a good piece and Jensen has a great story.

A disturbing piece of information was found in the article, though: Tom Brady is a FaceTime person.

"EARLY IN THE morning of March 20, 2020, Jensen was at his offseason home in Evergreen, Colorado, with his wife and two children when the phone rang. Bucs general manager Jason Licht's name popped up on the caller ID, which caused Jensen to bounce out of bed, wondering what message might be urgent enough for a pre-7 a.m. call on a Friday. "We just signed Brady," Licht said, "and I wanted to give you a heads-up. He's going to call you in 15 minutes." Jensen got back in bed to calm his heart and wait for Brady's call. At the appointed minute, the phone buzzed: FaceTime. Jensen wasn't expecting this, so he hustled out of bed and put on a shirt."

Yep. Tom Brady is that guy. We all have someone like that in our lives. You just want to chat on the phone and then the FaceTime tone dings and suddenly you need to worry about looking presentable. A simple phone call does not do for these people. They need to get up close and personal about whatever the discussion is about.

A real mark against Brady, honestly. How could someone like that get a bust in Canton? Some introspection is required for the voters when Brady is eligible in 2030 or however longer he plans to hang around torturing defenses.