Tom Brady Avoids Answering Whether He'll Come Out of Retirement to Play For Dolphins

Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Jon Kopaloff/GettyImages

Tom Brady has retired and is now spending his time going to movie premieres and presumably charging lucrative amounts of money to appear onstage for whatever business wants to have him around. Such was the case on Thursday, when he was the keynote speaker for the eMerge Americas Tech Conference. During his appearance he was asked by the moderator if he was going to unretire and play for the Miami Dolphins.

Brady dodged the question completely and just said that he has some friends on the team he is rooting for.

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Is this nothing? Almost certainly. Could it be something? Absolutely! Probably not! But it could!

If Brady does the unthinkable and unretires a second time the Dolphins are the only logical destination. They don't have a first-round pick this year after they tried to scheme a way to get Brady and Sean Payton to South Beach last summer and got caught. He is friends with fellow Michigan alumnus Stephen Ross. We'll see what Miami does in the draft as far as the QB position goes but right now if Tua Tagovailoa goes down again they'll be stuck with Skylar Thompson.

It is not hard to envision a scenario in which Brady makes his dramatic comeback again if the pieces line up. It would be shocking. But if it did happen (and the Dolphins managed to agree to terms with the Buccaneers to trade for Brady's contract) this may be the moment the seed was planted.