Winners and Losers of Tom Brady's Move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bruce Arians coaches the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Detroit Lions
Bruce Arians coaches the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Detroit Lions / Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Tom Brady is reportedly set to join the Buccaneers. While we've gone over what's waiting for him in Tampa Bay, we thought now would be a good time to look at the winners and losers of this huge move.


Bruce Arians

Lord, Arians has to be thrilled. After dealing with Jameis Winston's ridiculous 30-interception season in 2019, he gets to coach a quarterback who knows how to throw the ball away and not hurt his team. He'll also be inheriting one of the smartest signal-callers in NFL history and guy with a championship pedigree. Oh, and he'll be motivated to prove his down season in 2019 was a fluke.

Arians has to be doing backflips over this development.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an organization

Apologies to the great Kevin House, but Brady will immediately become the biggest star to ever put on a Buccaneers uniform.

No, Brady is not what he once was. He'll be 43 when the 2020 season kicks off and is coming off his worst season. But the Bucs have a ton of weapons to surround him and a good offensive line, which should give him the chance at a solid bounce-back season. This move infused a ton of life into the organization. Now if they could only do something about that defense...

Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard

Brate and Howard are two talented, extremely-underutilized tight ends. Expect that to end with Brady in 2020. They are excellent red zone targets, with big bodies who can get open. Based on talent alone, Howard should be a perennial Pro Bowler. His size/speed combination is among the best in the NFL at his position. Brady might be the one to finally unlock his potential.


Jarrett Stidham

Unless something changes, Stidham enters the 2020 season as the Patriots' starting quarterback. He's a 23-year-old former fourth-round pick who has attempted four passes in his career and now he has to replace the greatest quarterback of all-time.

Good luck, kid.

Robert Kraft

While Kraft has been one of the best franchise owners in sports over the past two decades, this has to sting. He refers to Brady as family and to watch him walk away and finish his career in a different uniform must drive him nuts.

Kraft and the Patriots failed to get Brady the top-flight weapons he wanted over the last few years and that hurt Brady's performance. He's going to a team with more offensive talent and a better offensive line and, frankly, the Patriots can only blame themselves.

Patriots fans

Man, this has to sting. Mr. New England has departed. The storybook career Brady had was stunning. To rise from sixth-round pick to six-time Super Bowl champion, and become a three-time MVP, four-time Super Bowl MVP, 14-time Pro Bowler and five-time All-Pro, was so improbable it defies logic. Patriots fans worshipped him like a god after he spent 20 years with the Patriots and did incredible things on the football field. Then he just decided to walk away and finish his career in Tampa.

I don't envy Pats fans who will have to watch Brady wear another jersey. That's something that will be incredibly difficult to come to terms with.