Is Tom Brady Really Still Holding Onto His Antonio Brown Lottery Ticket?

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown.
Tom Brady and Antonio Brown. / Eric Espada/Getty Images

Tom Brady has left the New England Patriots after two very successful decades as the starting quarterback. He will head to Tampa Bay where he will work with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, arguably the most talented receiving duo he's had since maybe the 18-1 season. What more could Brady want?

Antonio Brown, apparently.

Brady's infatuation with Brown is a little unnerving. Brady let Brown live in his house. Rumors were that Brady fought the Patriots cutting him after sexual assault accusations were made public. He then kept in contact with Brown and even showed public support for the troubled, but talented wide receiver.

As Brady's imending free agency progressed, there were reports that Brady wanted to play with Brown wherever he signed. Since Tampa Bay became his landing spot it's been more of the same, with serious football people seriously discussing Antonio Brown signing with the Bucs to reunite with Brady.

This just seems crazy. Brown is not worth the hassle at this point. When he returns there will be a suspension waiting for him. Over the last couple years he's had domestic violence and sexual assault accusations and numerous related or unrelated run-ins with the law. Plus, he forced his way off the Steelers and Raiders and was cut by the Patriots all in a 10-month span. He'll be 32 by the time he plays again and they'll be asking him to be a third wide receiver after years of being the main target. How will he handle that change?

You just have to wonder how he developed such a tight relationship with Brady in such a short time. And consider the fact that Brown seems to have actually played a big part in the Patriots - Brady rift. Brady reportedly wants better receivers and input in personnel decisions and that's exactly what led to the Antonio Brown situation was in New England.

Now Brady is a pirate who wants to hang around with a bad boy. His dad warned him against it, but he's doing it anyway. Now we wait to see if dad was right.