What if Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels Went to the Dallas Cowboys?

Tom Brady and Dak Prescott meet.
Tom Brady and Dak Prescott meet. / Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Tom Brady may have finally played his last game as quarterback of the New England Patriots. If Saturday's wild card loss really did mark the end of the Brady era in New England, what's next? Only he really knows.

If Brady were to leave New England, he would presumably want to play for a team with a legitimate chance to contend. He'll be 40-something years old for the rest of his career, so he'll need a solid offensive line to protect him. He'll also need a coach he either knows or trusts -- or both -- and an owner with deep pockets would be nice too.

So how about the Dallas Cowboys? What if the Cowboys were actually happy to string Jason Garrett along for the last week? What if they haven't been wasting time and missing opportunities to interview available coaches because they had to wait for Josh McDaniels anyway?

That would also explain why Jerry Jones refused to give Dak Prescott a new contract despite a career year. He had a quarterback in mind. And he had a coach in mind.

During the Patriots' loss to the Tennessee Titans on Saturday, Tony Romo made it sound like he had a really good idea where Brady would play next season. He then changed the subject before coming back to it to say he thinks Brady is coming back to play. Is it crazy to wonder if maybe Brady talked to Romo about playing in Dallas for Jerry Jones?

Probably, but Dallas makes about as much sense as anywhere else. The Cowboys have a good line and Ezekiel Elliott. They have a decent defense. Brady can go there and bring a guy he's worked with and had a ton of success with. Dallas went 8-8 this season and the NFC East is there for the taking next year.

Jerry Jones has the cash to pay Brady whatever he wants for a shot at a Super Bowl that his franchise hasn't been to in 25 years. And if you want to get really crazy, Brady leaving frees Bill Belichick up to go to the New York Giants and play Brady and McDaniels twice next year. That way no one would ever have to care about the Patriots again.

This is really a dream scenario for everyone. Well, except for Robert Kraft.