Todd Wright Unleashes on Former Co-Host, 'Fraud' Booger McFarland


Much attention last night was on Booger McFarland’s Monday Night Football performance now without Jason Witten. While most of the reaction was positive, some weren’t even willing to give him a chance. This comes as McFarland’s former radio co-host, Todd Wright, used this opportunity to blast McFarland’s work and him as a person on his podcast, an episode titled ““Break a leg tonight Booger – seriously, break both.”

“The only man who didn’t want to work with Anthony McFarland less than me: Jason Witten,” Wright said.

“He’s really nice to the people who can potentially do something nice for him, then there’s everyone else. If you can’t do anything nice for him, or you’re in his way of achieving what he wants professionally, and I’m sure Jason Witten felt this as well, he’ll do anything he can to walk all over you.

“I’m sure when [98.7 The Fan] went under, a big portion of that was [McFarland’s] failure to generate any sort of consistent audience and have any kind of accountability in afternoon drive with three different hosts,” Wright said.  “I walked, the other two wanted to, or fought him – he just brushed it aside, he didn’t care about the people at the station when the station went down, I still care about a number of those people.”

Wright went on the call McFarland a “fraud,” and claimed that he had an “obsession” with nicknames. He says McFarland referred to him as “T-Dub.” Last season, from the now-canned BoogerMoblie, McFarland called Witten “Witt.” Which doesn’t seem very harmful, but as you can see, Wright didn’t like it.

McFarland and Wright lasted just seven weeks together on CBS Sports Radio’s 98.7 The Fan back in 2012 in Tampa. And clearly, there are hard feelings here. At least form one side. These are some pretty harsh comments. Wright seems hellbent on making sure McFarland gets his fair share of criticism for the booth issues on Monday Night Football last season. However, at least on-air, McFarland performed well.

As of now, McFarland has not yet responded to his former co-host’s comments.