Todd Gurley Reportedly Received $400 to Sign 80 Items

Ryan Glasspiegel

Todd Gurley, the Georgia Heisman contender, is suspended indefinitely because he’s reportedly under investigation for receiving money for his likeness. As we know, only schools and administrators are permitted to capitalize on Gurley’s likeness. SI’s Andy Staples has some new details about what allegedly went down to trigger the discipline:

" has learned that a person confirmed to Georgia’s compliance office this week that he paid Gurley $400 to sign 80 items on campus in Athens, Ga., one day this past spring. The person claimed to have a photo and video of Gurley signing the items, but neither the photo nor the video showed money changing hands. NCAA rules require schools to immediately declare a player ineligible if they discover a violation has been committed. Schools may then apply for the player’s reinstatement."

If this report is indeed accurate, Gurley was pretty comically underpaid. Johnny Manziel reportedly made at least $10k to sign items last year. Over 100 individual items autographed by Gurley run $100 or more on eBay, so the running back enabled some memorabilia dealer(s) to sell at obscene margins.

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