Todd Gurley Falsely Accused in Assault at a Bar, After Picking Up a Drunk Guy's Hat

By Jason Lisk

Todd Gurley was investigated, and cleared, of an assault allegation made in the early morning hours on Sunday, arising out of an incident at an Athens bar. A student who was taking selfies at the bar got into an altercation, with Gurley in the background. When his hat got knocked off, Gurley reached down to pick it up, and the student directed a racial epithet at Gurley.

The student accused Gurley of punching him, but police reviewed the surveillance tape and determined that Gurley was not involved, and did nothing other than pick up a hat. An unidentified white male was the one who punched the accuser at the bar.

"“In consideration of all the information, to include statements and video recordings from the incident location, Todd Gurley’s involvement in this report is unfounded,” the detective wrote in a supplemental report. “Based also on the information … I was able to see clearly that Todd Gurley had no involvement in this case other than trying to give an individual his hat back.”."

Excellent restraint by Gurley, because it sounds like the accuser in question was quite the piece of work.