Todd Gurley and Clay Matthews Complaining About Rams Owing Them Money on Twitter Rings Hollow to Followers

Clay Matthews and Todd Gurley.
Clay Matthews and Todd Gurley. / Harry How/Getty Images

Todd Gurley and Clay Matthews were cut by the Rams on the same day a few weeks ago and the two former superstars took to Twitter on Wednesday to complain about the Rams not paying them money owed from their time with the franchise.

If true, it's a legitimate gripe. They signed a contract with the Rams and should be paid on time based on the parameters set. Taking to Twitter seems a bit silly when you have an agent to handle these matters, but all the same, they both voiced their displeasure.

However, during these trying times, when millions of Americans are filling for unemployment, when thousands are dying every day because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it probably wasn't the right moment for two people who have made tens of millions of dollars in their career to complain about money. Twitter let them hear about it.

Of course, it's also worth pointing out that Gurley has donated meals to first responders during this crisis.

While I understand the optics of taking to Twitter to complain about money when you're already rich, if they're owed this money they should be paid it. They could make a bigger statement by donating the money to a charity, which would quiet the trolls and help those who are suffering. Just an idea.