Todd Bowles With Best Smokescreen Ever? Jets Traded Up From 6th Pick to 3rd With 6-7 Guys In Mind


The coaches’ breakfast is going on this morning at the league meetings, and a day after getting a quality group photo in, we are getting the quality quotes today.

Todd Bowles is your early leader in the clubhouse. According to Ian Rapoport, Bowles clarified the New York Jets’ draft strategy in moving up to pick number 3.

Reminder: the Jets had the 6th pick and, if you take this at face value, gave up extra picks to move up and be in position to take one of the 6-7 guys they like.

There are a couple of possibilities here, and we can’t really rule any of them out given the history of the Jets:

  • They sent Todd Bowles in ready to smokescreen about moving up to get in position to take their QB, and this is what he came up with;
  • They haven’t told Todd Bowles anything about their draft plans, and have given him misinformation;
  • The Jets really do have 6-7 guys they like, and made this trade to insure they get one of them.

The best lies are those that seem to be grounded in reality, so kudos to the Jets for this one.