Today's Wordle Sports Hint and Answer For March 2nd (#256)

In this photo illustration, a Wordle logo is displayed on a...
In this photo illustration, a Wordle logo is displayed on a... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

What is the answer to today's Wordle? That's a question many people ask on the Internet every day. So many ask that it trends on Google every day. Some sites have a whole team of writers who take turns staying up until midnight so they can try to solve the puzzle and then write a detailed breakdown of their experience. Can you imagine something so tedious?

The most difficult part of this is that you need a certain word count to get Google to really notice your article about "today's Wordle answer." So each article either begins with an explanation of what Wordle is, which is pretty pointless for anyone who is already looking for the Wordle answer, or the writer must vamp. That's how you get something like this in Forbes:

What a strange world we live in. A global pandemic that’s hopefully in its final stages. A war overseas between one of the world’s great geopolitical powers—Russia—and its former vassal state, Ukraine, that seems like something out of a different era altogether. Do we really do these large-scale invasions in 2022?

Putin could be a Wordle starting word if it were in the guess list (it isn’t). I chose a different starting word today that felt appropriate enough (see below) for this bizarre time of chaos and war.

So true. So crazy. War and Wordle, what are they good for? Absolutely nothing. Onto the hint!

Wordle 256 Hint

Now is the part of the article where I give you a WORDLE HINT for Wednesday March 2, 2021. Because maybe you are searching for a hint that will give you that magical five-letter word. I mean, who can just think up six five-letter words in a row?

So if you're here for a hint, I'm going to give you a daily sports or pop culture hint. That's right. We've already mixed sports and popular culture and now we're throwing Wordle into the blender. Hold onto your f---ing hat.

Today's Wordle sports word hint is... Yu Darvish's slider.

Today's Wordle Answer for Game 256 on March 2, 2021:

Now that you have your hint, I need to explain - in great detail - how I did or did not solve today's Wordle. If I got it in two or three tries, it was because of a brilliant strategy that I may be able to teach you someday if you continue to read. If it took me four to six guesses, it was tough or tricky. If I didn't get it at all, well, this is just the New York Times ruining something else. It wasn't like this back before Wordle sold out. I've been saying that all along.

Here's the part where I say FINAL SPOILER! Today's Wordle Answer Lies Ahead! Turn back if you still have not challenged your mind, body and soul with today's Wordle.


And now I break down my genius. I always start with PARTY because my name is Rod, and I like to party. It also has five different letters and it makes me look cool when I write recaps about Wordle on the Internet. Duh.

I then looked at the letters that were correct and did another guess based on what those letters are and where they were in the puzzle, but I guess I was a little... hasty. Which is why it took me three whole tries to get nasty.

The answer also could have been tasty, but it wasn't and I didn't guess that anyway. All-in-all, it was a great Wordle. Excellent work by everyone involved. Especially me.