Mike Vrabel Looked Disgusted by Titans After Too Many Men on the Field Penalty

Mike Vrabel
Mike Vrabel /

The Tennessee Titans are just looking to finish out the season, entering Week 17 at 5-10 with their playoff chances already at zero. Their matchup against the Houston Texans on Sunday did not get off to a hot start as the Texans' defense terrorized Tennessee's offense. Will Levis exited early with an injury so Ryan Tannehill took the field for the first time in weeks and matters did not improve.

The Titans entered the final few minutes of the third quarter down 23-3 but had the ball on Houston's goal line. Because it was that sort of day, Tennessee was flagged for too many men on the field on second-and-goal. The cameras panned to Mike Vrabel on the sideline and captured his utter disgust with his team as he rubbed his eyes like an extremely disappointed and tired father for almost 10 full seconds.

That is the look of a man who has lost his war of attrition against the overflowing frustration caused by a season's worth of bad luck and poor play. The Titans have dealt with a slew of injuries and underwhelming performances that led to this point. It's just one of those years, one that has probably been a long time coming since the Titans have generally performed above expectations under Vrabel the past few seasons.

One minute later Tennessee failed to convert on fourth down from the three-yard line. They would go on to lose 26-3. Which surely did not improve Vrabel's modd.

Only one more week, Mike. One more week.