Titans' Kenny Britt Had a Great Time at the Britney Spears Concert


Back in April, Chris Paul was treated to a lap dance at a Nicki Minaj concert by none of other than Miss Minaj herself, so with Britney Spears currently touring her way around the country, a professional athlete was bound to make an appearance. Last night it was Kenny Britt’s turn. The Tennessee Titans wide receiver was brought onstage, draped in a pink boa and handcuffed — the friendly kind, Kenny, the friendly kind — to a pole during Britney’s performance of “Lace and Leather.” You know, that song on your iPod you have strategically sandwiched between Green Jello’s “Three Little Pigs” and Megadeth’s “Holy Wars.”

During the sultry rendition of the powerful ballad, the crowd was treated to some Brit on Britt action as she hopped on his shoulders like a skilled koala bear. Kenny has reportedly told friends he plans to wear the pink boa in lieu of shoulder pads for the entire season.

[via @JimmyTraina; Tennessean]