Timberwolves Assistant Coach Micah Nori is a Delightful Interview

Micah Nori
Micah Nori /

In-game interviews with NBA coaches tend to be a bit of a useless exercise. Which is fine! Not every interview needs a subject to give a deep, introspective and detailed answer to entertain the audience. In my viewing experience I have found that straying a bit off the beaten path for these in-game interviews tends to yield much more interesting answers. Or, at least, more fun answers. Interviewing people who don't get in front of the camera as often as the head coach or the star player is the way to go, and after many years of feeling this way I finally have proof of concept.

It would seem Bally Sports Minnesota has a habit of interviewing Minnesota Timberwolves assistant coach Micah Nori during halftime of the team's games. They broadcasted a mashup of Nori's interviews recently and it perfectly summarizes why they kept going back to the Nori well. The man is a delightful interview and gives shades of an actual real-life Ted Lasso with the metaphors he busts out with a straight face.

Wonderful. The Elf on the Shelf analogy was particularly striking given the time of year.

Nori has been around the block. He's been working on an NBA bench since 2009, with stops in Toronto, Sacramento, Denver, and Detroit before working with the Wolves the last two seasons under Chris Finch. Given the years he's put in he is probably close to a promotion to head coach, if that's the path he wants to take, which would be excellent news. The NBA coaching world needs a bit more levity.

This guy rules. More Nori in our future, please.