Tim Tebow Update: Yikes!

Kyle Koster

When we last checked in on the most famous minor league player in the country, he was struggling. And it is with deep regret that we must inform you things have only gotten worse for Tim Tebow at AAA Syracuse.

The outfielder has gone for 4 for his last 33. His batting average has plummeted to .143. His on-base (.211) and slugging (.186) aren’t much better. His OPS is below .400. Through 21 games he’s managed only three extra base hits.

The strikeouts, which have always been a problem on this magical journey to the major leagues, are an even bigger problem this year. Twenty-seven of his 70 official at-bats have resulted in strike threes.

This is not the production of a player with any chance of getting a call-up, even one based on ticket sales. This is the production of a player who needs to turn it around rather quickly before things get depressing.

Tebow has notched only a single hit in his last 20 at-bats. How long will he be a resident of Slump City?

One thing we know about him is that he’ll have the right attitude. That goes a long way in baseball, especially in the midst of failure. At the same time, even the biggest optimist has limits lining the dark clouds.

The most interesting thing about Tebow this year continues to be the relative silence surrounding him. The breathless updates have receded into the background, along with the viral clips. This makes sense, of course, because there’s little to highlight in the absence of highlights.