Tim Tebow Update: Struck Out By a Position Player

Kyle Koster

Tim Tebow’s slash line of .156/.239/.227 is actually an improvement since the last time we checked on on him. He even hit a home run. So things are looking up. But before anyone gets too excited they should remember the growing pains are real and will continue.

The Syracuse Mets’ very popular outfielder had the unfortunate pleasure of facing Jordan Peterson (not that Jordan Peterson) last night, a position player only sent to the mound because the game was a blowout. The Mighty Tebow struck out, which is bad.

But look, it’s not as if Peterson was throwing puss. That’s an 88 mph fastball on the black in a lefty-on-lefty matchup. And maybe Tebow, a genuinely good guy, did it on purpose to make his opponent feel better in a rout.

Come to think of it, perhaps many of his 53 strikeouts this year are the product of gentle kindness. Maybe he’ll snap one day, stop giving away at-bats, and hit at a .330 clip.

A guy can dream.