Tim Tebow Update: Not Going Great


Against long odds, Tim Tebow is playing the first few weeks of his AAA career with relatively little media coverage. The Syracuse Mets outfielder is yet to garner headlines because, well, it turns out he hasn’t done much to garner them.

Tebow is understandably struggling to acclimate to the new level of ball. He’s 6-for-37 through 11 games and has struck out 15 times. He’s managed only two doubles, three walks, and a .441 OPS. On the bright side, Tebow does have five RBIs. He also put together a three-game hitting streak which was snapped last night.

It’s fair to point out that early April in Syracuse can get a bit nippy. With more reps and warmer weather, Tebow’s numbers should improve. And honestly, the fact that he’s not totally embarrassing himself at this high level is damn impressive, considering where he started from on this baseball journey.

Trust me, the moment Tebow does something special, you’ll hear about. Only a matter of time until he runs into one.