Tim Tebow Talks National Title Game Experience and Homeostasis in ESPN Debut

Stephen Douglas

Tim Tebow made his debut as an ESPN studio personality / talking head / college football expert today in Pasadena. The crew opened by complimenting Tebow’s strong suit game which lead to some faux-joshing and excellent everyman laughter from the gang. From there, it was time for Tebow to weigh in on his specialty – college football championships. Turns out championship games DO seem bigger than other games. Also, we’re checking the archives, but it appears Tebow will be credited with the first use of the word “homeostasis” in ESPN history.

The most interesting part of Tebow’s debut? He says that before the Gators’ second title game, he invited teammates to his room to jam out while the team chaplain played guitar and sang the team songs for three hours before the game. I wonder if Aaron Hernandez was there? Maybe it would have helped him find some homeostasis.

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