Tim Tebow Scores Late Touchdown On 95 Yard Drive To Win, After Doing Nothing All Game

By Jason Lisk

“Just the most mind boggling, polarizing figure I’ve ever seen in football” – Mike Mayock

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos offense was dreadful. Dreadful! For the first 54 minutes of the game. Tebow was 6 for 15 passing for 69 yards, and ran the ball only twice for 11 yards. The Broncos had 6 total first downs, most of which came on the opening drive.

The only reason that they were in the game was because the Jets offense was equally dreadful, and because Mark Sanchez threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown when the Jets were up 10-3.

Then, the Broncos went empty backfield and just let Tebow make plays with his feet, with 95 yards to go trailing 13-10. He had 6 rushes for 57 yards, including the game winner, and completed 3 passes for 35 yards on the final drive.

Twice now, I’ve watched Tebow win a game late after doing nothing, less than nothing for most of the game. Against a good offense, he doesn’t have those opportunities, because you normally aren’t in a game where the offense generates 3 points. Still, he has come up with big plays late, and seems to play looser and not worry about trying to be a pocket passer.

Let’s be honest, though: the real star of this team is Von Miller. Tebow gets the love for the late heroics; this defense is playing much better and Miller is the driving force.

[photo via Getty]