Tim Tebow Reportedly Picked the Mets Because They Were Only Team That Would Let Him Still Do TV


Tim Tebow will miss a couple days per week during his Instructional League season to continue his college football duties for ESPN. Colin Cowherd led off The Herd this afternoon by saying the New York Mets are the only team to agree to such an agreement, meaning nine others balked.

“Ten teams offered Tim Tebow a contract,” he said. “You’re hearing it here first. Ten teams were interested in Tim Tebow. Only one team — the New York Mets –was willing to let Tebow also do some television work.”

In the grand scheme of things, missing a few practices or games isn’t something that will make or break the career of most baseball prospects. On the other hand, any additional shortening of a three-week assignment is significant.

Tebow’s desire to juggle both of his careers is admirable. It’s also open to attacks from those who find this entire enterprise to be a ploy for attention. It may be tough for some to reconcile the claim that it’s all about baseball with such an arrangement in place — especially if it was a deciding factor in Tebow’s decision to join the Mets organization.