Tim Tebow No Longer Has the Worst Batting Average in the Arizona Fall League

Kyle Koster

Scottsdale Scorpions outfielder Tim Tebow went 1-for-4 on Wednesday and 1-for-4 on Thursday to raise his Arizona Fall League batting average to .125.

He no longer has the lowest average in the league, which is good news for him but terrible news for Kevin Cron (.122), C.J. Cron’s younger brother. Tebow still sports the league’s worst on-base percentage (.176) and OPS (.333).

Tebow will employ a bold new slump-busting strategy when he travels to Jacksonville to appear on SEC Nation tomorrow.

Look, things haven’t gone very well for Tebow since hitting a home run in his first competitive at-bat, but there’s always a bright side. And one doesn’t have to look far to find it.

Chicago Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber hit only .167 in his AFL stint and he’s been the World Series’ Most Valuable Player through two games. If he can do it, surely Tebow can.