Tim Tebow Will Debate Stephen A. Smith on 'First Take' Every Friday During College Football Season

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow / James Gilbert/Getty Images

Have you ever wanted to see Stephen A. Smith unleash one of his infamously impassioned rants at the notably mild-mannered Tim Tebow? If that answer is yes, yes, a thousand times yes, do I have news for you!

ESPN sent out a press release on Thursday announcing their plans for the immediate future of First Take, which will be without Max Kellerman very soon. As was reported and predicted, Smith will debate against a rotating cast of guests for the next few months instead of finding a permanent co-host to fill Kellerman's chair. Michael Irvin will break away from NFL Network every Monday to argue with Smith about the NFL.

But on Fridays, Tebow will be sitting (physically or virtually) across from the network's highest-paid star. Per ESPN:

Each week will culminate on Friday with Heisman Trophy Winner and SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow and Smith debating all things college football heading into Saturdays throughout the season.

This is truly excellent news. Tebow clearly moved on quickly from his attempt to revive his NFL career after getting cut by Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars a few weeks ago. Now he has a weekly spot on the Woldwide Leader's most popular studio debate show.

I have no idea how this is going to go. Tebow's TV presence is solid and he's no stranger to the brightest lights a camera can shine on him. But arguing with Smith about anything at all while creating quality television is a separate skillset entirely. I can already envision Smith's voice growing louder by the second as he explains in detail why Tebow is utterly wrong about Spencer Rattler.

It's going to be incredible content. Whether or not it's incredible television remains to be seen.