Tim Tebow's Blocking Was a Complete Disaster

Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

If Tim Tebow finds his way onto the Jacksonville Jaguars' 53-man roster it will be because Urban Meyer wants a lieutenant in the locker room who can preach the values of this specific culture. And people who think there's no chance such a thing could happen should brace themselves for a surprise. Because no matter how poorly the 34-year-old tight end performs on the field, it will be the unseen intangibles that Meyer weighs while making a decision.

The early returns on Tebow's ability at his new position are not great. He played 16 snaps in the Jaguars preseason opener and did not factor into the passing game. In the running game, well, stuff like this happened.

Before you overreact, know that these were the only two plays in which Tebow was asked to run-block and they came back-to-back. Okay, now you can overreact.

These clips have gone predictably viral. Tebow, like him or loathe him, is perhaps the most clickable athlete of the sports blog era. His presence may not bring added value to Jacksonville yet he remains great for content.

As someone who can't block myself and doesn't really mind Meyer building whatever he wants to build, there are no snarky comments to be made. Honestly, this is about the level of execution I always expected to see once the great Tebow-to-tight-end experiment was given life. Now, if he'd been out there pancaking Browns defenders, that's another story.

So what's the net-net on a horrendous blocking effort in the first public effort? Probably negligible. At the same time, each clip makes it harder and harder for Meyer to sell that Tebow will ever be the best option out there. How can he honestly convince a fanbase that the leadership stuff is worth the drop-off in play? An already hard sell just became even more difficult.