Tim Tebow Also Fighting Human Trafficking With Tennessee Governor

Tim Tebow at a UFC event.
Tim Tebow at a UFC event. / Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Tim Tebow is going to try to play tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars this season. As you can see from this picture, he will not need to bulk up to do so. Tebow's fit was reminicent of Myles Garrett in a suit jacket at the 2021 NFL Draft. Tight.

Between his various professions, Tebow remains committed to fighting human trafficking. This time with Tennesse governor, Bill Lee. They were apparently introduced by country music star Luke Bryan.

Last year Tebow was there when former Attorney General Bill Barr announced $100 million to fight human trafficking at the federal level. That's where he shared this story about why he got involved with this cause in the first place. Via WFLA:

“You know, the reason why we got into this was because eight years ago my dad was preaching in a remote country and there were four girls that he was next to that were being sold. And he took out all the money out of his wallet which was $1,250 and he bought those four girls. And then he called me and said, ‘I just bought four girls and not really sure what to do now.’ and I said, ‘that’s ok dad. we’ve got your back."

Tebow posted about fighting human trafficking on social media last year using a hashtag popular with QAnon, but based on the story about his father, that is a coincidence.