What Kind of Deli Does Tim Legler Go To Exactly?


Tim Legler was a guest on the latest episode of The Old Man & The Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter. During the appearance, Legler compared the MVP race to ordering deli meat at the market.

"Imagine like the deli at the supermarket and you take your number and you're waiting to go get your half-pound of turkey breast. And there's a bunch of dudes with number in their hand waiting to get to the counter to get their meat. So you think around the league, like who else is hanging around the deli? Because Joel has been hanging at the deli. Like, he had that number in his hand. It's a matter of time before you're going to get your lunch meat."

Legler, Redick, and Alter then named the other players who might be in the running for an MVP. To the point where Legler had to bring back the deli metaphor.

"Deli section getting a little crowded now. Taking a look. They're in a different aisle right now. They'll make their way over."

This is so great because it makes no sense. At a deli counter everyone eventually gets to order their cold cuts. And literally anyone can wander up to the counter at any time and get a half-pound of turkey. This only makes sense if there is half a pound of turkey breast available every year and one person gets it. And there's no guaruntee any of the other guys they named ever get their deli meat. You can't simply take a number and wait to be named MVP. Plus, it sounds like they all have the same number.

Besides, everyone knows MVPs are more like rare fish at the pet store. Everyone wants one, but they only get one in every year and all the best fishkeepers show up and make their case, but only the person with the best tank and nicest little underwater guy and most balanced pH get to take the fish home and then a bunch of people gather in the mall to complain about how that person's tank is overrated. Also, sometimes someone gets two fish in a row, but no aquarist has received three straight fish since the 80's. It's simply unheard of in modern times.