Tim Legler Dropped an F-Bomb on ESPN; Technology Should be Held Responsible


Tim Legler is under a little heat for dropping an f-bomb during his appearance on the Stephen A. Smith Show today. The NSFW reaction came via some frustrating technical difficulties:

Before we bash him too much, just think about how frustrating this is! It is the ultimate “first world problem,” but there is one thing the people of 2019 can’t handle, and it is that. Ever see how angry folks get at the grocery store when they can’t send a text due to a lack of service? As someone who spends a lot of time on their phone, I must say around 20-30 percent of my daily annoyance comes from AT&T’s bad service in my area (fix it!).

Maybe this article will come out later than I prefer because of bad WiFi? Who knows?

Anyone who has played video games online is familiar with “lag.” Oh, don’t even get me started about the gas pumps that can’t correctly read a credit card. No, I didn’t forget streams. I’m watching Twin Peaks on Netflix right now.

Sure, swearing is against the rules on ESPN and ESPN Radio, but let’s make sure we don’t give technology a pass.