Tim Duncan Divorced Finalized Following "Secret Hearing"


Tim Duncan is now officially divorced. The judge met with Duncan, his now ex-wife Amy and their lawyers during his lunch hour today in San Antonio. The “secret meeting” was not listed on a court docket and It was kind of weird that it didn’t happen at the courthouse, but not really. From MY San Antonio:

"Several court observers saw the special request as unusual given that so-called “home” visits by judges are not normally afforded to the general public. “I would say it’s highly unusual, but I think it would be highly disruptive for them to come to court,” said attorney Jean Brown, who practices family law. "

So basically it made everyone’s life easier.

"He added that the parties felt uncomfortable coming to court because of the possible “paparazzi” factor — people taking pictures of them or asking for autographs. “I don’t see it as doing a special favor for the sake of a favor,” Canales said. “These folks were involved in a very private matter. It was mainly for privacy.”"

The news of the divorce first came out during the Spurs run to the NBA Finals in May. Amy and Tim Duncan were married for 13 years after meeting at Wake Forrest.

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