Tim Brando Caused a Twitter Storm With Critical Jason Collins Tweets [UPDATE]

By Ty Duffy

NBA center Jason Collins came out as openly gay today. CBS Sports’ Tim Brando caused a ruckus on twitter, with his adamant opinion that Jason Collins not be considered a “hero” for doing so.

He also compared Collins “making history to himself making a “SEX tape” because…

Brando inflamed many by suggesting it was “a choice” for Collins to come out (deleted afterward). Brando later clarified he claimed the timing was “a choice,” not a “choice” to be gay.

We could understand Brando’s initial point. The term “hero” can be deployed too loosely in sports, as both a term and a narrative trope. That said, Brando has been known to deploy “HERO” liberally in the past.

There’s no reason to believe he did not mean to use “choice” in the manner he clarified. But it’s cynical to claim Collins just waited to come out as a publicity stunt. Considering the massive cultural shift in recent years (not to mention his right to make life decisions at his own pace), it is also rather silly.

Whatever the interpretation of the above tweets, this comment about the declining fortunes of straight white males (deleted afterward) won’t earn him many friends among the enlightened.

UPDATE: Brando claimed he wasn’t suggesting being gay was a choice. This tweet seems to suggest otherwise.


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