Tiger Woods has no Answer for When He'll Return to Golf


Tiger Woods doesn’t know when he’ll return to golf. As a matter of fact, Tiger doesn’t know IF he’ll return to golf. Woods has had such a successful career that it’s hard to see him mentally giving up. On Tuesday when he was meeting with the media at the Hero World Challenge, Woods discussed his return after having two back surgeries at the end of the past golf season.

"“I have no answer to that, and neither do my surgeon or physios. There is no timetable.”"

No timetable? Not knowing when or if he will be able to return to the sport he once dominated has to be frustrating, but Woods also added that the nature of his injuries over the years have slowly made the healing process take even longer.

"“That’s the hardest part for me, is that there’s really nothing I can look forward to, or build towards. It’s literally just taking it day-by-day, week-by-week, time-by-time.”"

Woods mentioned he hasn’t started any sort of rehab, which leads many, including myself, to believe that he will not return to golf in 2016. This wouldn’t be a bad thing for Tiger. He has never taken the actual time necessary to heal after any of his injuries and a full year off would allow him to recover both physically and mentally.

While there are those out there who don’t care for Tiger because of his indiscretions, it’s not fun to watch an athlete who once dominated his sport go out like this. The one positive for Woods is that he is getting to spend more time with his kids.

"“I miss being able to play soccer with [my kids]. I want to be a part of my kids’ lives physically, not as a cheerleader.”"

As for those concerned about whether or not Tiger will win another major tournament, who cares? He certainly seems to have moved past that and he’s done enough to put himself right next to Jack.

"“I’ve passed Jack on the all-time win list. I’m just shy of Sam. I passed Sam basically a decade ago in major championships. I’m still shy of Jack’s. I’ve had a pretty good career in my 20s and 30s. In my 20 years, I’ve accomplished a lot. “If that’s all that entails, then it’s been a pretty good run.”"

Yes it has, but we want to see more!

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